Tournament Calendar

Jan 4

14U-PAC 2020 Challenge

18U-ATTACK the New Year

Jan 5

16U-Select Series

Jan 18

14U-Centerline Invitational

18U-Crown Town Classic

Jan 25

16U-Border Series

Feb 1

14U-Oz Slamfest

Women's Self Defense

Some of our teams took part in a team bonding Women's Self Defense Class on Sat, Nov 2.

Thank you to the Kansas City Police Academy for hosting this event.


Click on the interactive map below to find the directions to our tournaments




GOD, please let me play well, but fairly

Let competition make me strong, but never hostile

In this and all things, guide me to the virtuous path

If I know victory, grant me happiness

If I am denied, keep me from envy

See me not when I am cheered,

but when I bend to help my opponent up.

Seal it in my heart that everyone who takes the court with me,

becomes my family

Remind me that sports are just games

Teach me something that will matter,

once the games are over

And if through athletics I set an example,

please let it be a good one.


Proud member of USA Volleyball

and HOA Volleyball 

Proud Sponsors of Northland STATIC Volleyball

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